Common fruit that others like but you don't!


tree-ripened ataulfos are unheard of in usa, so i understand your stance.

in the tropics, ataulfos matured on the tree will have a bluish tinge before it turns yellow-orange, one will be surprised the flesh is already sweet and flavorful at the bluish tinge stage and with just the slightest yellow.


Most likely I have only tasted the inferior mangos and possibly at mostly squishy stages… :flushed:. I can put away a good bit of Mango chutney during a curry session but that doesn’t seem to count as real mangos because the chunky bits are firm and smothered in sauce. Don’t make me drink the mango drinks though…


That’s false.


lol @Richard, let me rephrase that, tree-ripened ataulfo’s are practically unheard of–when buying from your usual grocery store


I did have an encounter 30 years ago with a co-worker that had a “fresh date” tree in her yard…she would bring sacks of them to work and I ate them all day long. I just did not know what they were!

You live in Vegas…what would you put the odds on that???:grin::grin::grin:


In my experience in California and southern Florida that’s also false.


mangos are oozing with aromatics, and quite possible some of which you can smell/taste which other people can’t.


Oh, but try living in podunk and see what you get at the Walmart!! :flushed::flushed::flushed: I have seen those for sale but it looks like someone has been playing badminton with them!


pretty good, so much better than our ‘loosest’ slots
and yes, had to make sure i spelled slots with the letter ‘o’


at this point @Richard, i will have to disagree. What you’re saying is false.


while we’re at it, here is a common fruit(in indonesia :grin: ) that i like and others don’t.

called ‘salacca’ aka snakefruit, due to the reptilian scales. Have eaten sweeter ones, but this one’s pretty good considering that it was shipped to usa frozen…
when frozen, the pulp is like a cross between sweet tamarind and jackfruit. Can’t get more weird than that.


I’m not a big fan of plums. I can enjoy an occasional really good plum that is solid and non-juicy. But generally I never even think about them. Not a big fan of citrus either. Can’t stand American cantaloupes but I do like the orange fleshed European melons.


The reason I grow fruits and vegetables is because I refuse to eat what is offered at Walmart.


Then come shop in San Diego or Miami.


Cool looking fruit!

Is it this plant:


yes, that’s the one. There is a bit of variability, but the good ones are amazing.

now, do you suppose you’d find them at their prime in either miami or san diego? :wink:


The name you used is for the Genus. So are you referring to that, or the specific species?

LOL. Just learned about it from you tonight … and happy for it. :slight_smile:

It’s going to take some research …


I hope we would discuss “common fruit” so more forum members would participate.

I hope I do not offend you. Discussion about exotic fruit is not my intention here though I could talk about them for hours since I’ve eaten tons in my life time.


oops, sorry about that, and i agree!


I don’t think there is a fruit that I hate to eat. I may prefer certain fruits to others.but as long as they are ripen properly, in good quality. My taste buds , other sense can appreciate every types of fruit I have sampled. I will continue to put my curiosity out and simple new type of fruits, but chance of dislike is slim. It all boils down to degrees of likenesses, and my start from 4~10 out of 10 scale