Compact Stella

Do y’all think this tree would have a chance in my area with morning sun and a bit of afternoon shade in a well drained area? One of my Sweet Olives didn’t make it through the winter so I have a little bit of space to fill.

I’m located near Dallas, Texas.

I have regular Stella, it is doing well. Although towards the end of summer the leaf looks rather burnt and worn. I’m in Austin

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Cherry can handle a bit more shade than most other fruit trees. Do you have any other cherries? I believe Stella is self fertile so give it a go.


I’m “testing” Romeo bush cherries, but I had a rabbit come through and knock them down to the ground. We’ll see if they work out.

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Any issues to watch out for that you’ve encountered? How’s the flavor of the cherries?

Might want to shelter it a bit during high heat sun times at summers peak for first couple of years until it hardens. Mine only in the ground for one season. No fruit. Still dormant for this spring, but it grew from 3 ft to over 6ft and added some girth.

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