Comparing and contrasting Sundowner and Pink Lady apples

I was wondering if any members who have grown the Cripps Red and Cripps Pink (Sundowner® and Pink Lady ®) had thoughts on the differences and similarities between these two varieties.

In addition to eating quality, I also am curious about tree habit, ripening date, storage, etc.

Any experience with these side-by-side would be welcome.

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I had both at some point but the rootstock on Sundowner got killed by fireblight and I didn’t replace it. My main interest in Sundowner is what Jim Cummins said: not as pretty as Pink Lady but more tasty. I didn’t notice anything unusual about the growth habit of either tree.


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I heard great reports on the taste of the Pink Lady, it’s highly rated by some people. I tried it last fall, I really didn’t like it much. It’s possibly my taste buds, but there are others with great flavor I prefer. I don’t think I had Sundowner, so I can’t really compare.

Is sundowner tart like pink lady?