Condiment Recipes

I was going to post this in the canning thread for the year, but thought this may be a good stand alone topic. I wanted to finish the 2018 canning season by making a couple condiments (mustard and ketchup). We processed some mustard today, and to be honest it was awful, very bitter! No biggie, it was a small batch, I’ll try again. I was wondering if anyone had a recipe for mustard they’d share, and I’d like to try ketchup again as well. I’d be interested in any other condiment recipes members would like to share and recommend.

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A few friends of mine and I meet at a downtown bar now and then and once I watched them make their hot mustard. Here’s how they did it:

Put a good squirt of tap beer (they used Pabst Blue Ribbon that day) in one of those metal things they use to make milkshakes with- you know, the big container the ice cream and flavors and all go into.

Add a bunch of dry mustard. I think at the time they were using Crescent brand, but there’s lots to play with and they can vary- the bar changed a few years back and now their hot mustard is not as hot. Used to clear your sinuses right away, but not so much now.

Whir it up on the machine. Add PBR or mustard powder as needed to get the consistency right. Pour into squeeze bottles and set it on the counter, where it sits until you need to replace it.


I’m glad they didn’t add vinegar. :slight_smile:


Doesn’t get any simpler than that !