Cone Shaped Pest

I noticed several cone shaped things that wiggle on my persimmons, pears and plums. I have included a pic, but its not very good. What are they? And are they harmful? If so, how do I treat them?

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Looks like a thorn mimicking tree hopper, possibly in the genus Cyarda. I have no idea if harmful, but I’m guessing it’s not an issue.

Looked at them again today. They look different than that. There are no legs. When I squeeze it a small black worm/weevel comes out. It’s like the bug lives in the “cone”.

Any ideas?

Maybe a type of bag worm ?
I really don’t know. But bag worms make a " bag " around them that they carry around

You are indeed correct. Once they got bigger it was easier to see that they were bagworms. Sprayed the trees with spinosad last week and it seemed to help. Will spray again tomorrow.

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