Confirm this is fireblight. How can I treat it?

This is a Gala Apple Tree, semi-dwarf. I have had this show up for years now and each time I trim the affected branches back and deal with it, but it is getting worse. How can I treat this, or is the tree too far gone? I have several other images, but can only post one photo because I am a new user. (very unfriendly rule IMHO)

Yes that sure looks like fb. Yes prune back all effected limbs first. Not too far gone at all I don’t think. I know some people spray an antibiotic like streptomycin during bloom and that supposedly help. Give that a try next year if you like.


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Hi, I just treated one of my trees which had a bad case, and I can tell you about it. I know you have said that you have been cutting it back, so my apologies if I am telling you anything you already know.
It looks like FB to me, and the recommendation I have seen repeatedly for FB is to trim back the branches at least 12 inches in from the infection site, for each infection site. Keep some bleach on hand and sanitize your clippers after each cut. Make sure to get all of the potentially infected plant material and throw it away (not compost or yard waste) or burn it, because the disease spreads very easily. It spreads via pollinators and in wet conditions, so be sure it’s dry when you are doing your pruning. A treatment I followed after pruning which was recommended by an article I read was to spray the tree with a vinegar solution afterwards (4 c vinegar to 6 c water, I think) to the point of dripping off of the leaves and limbs. Here is the article I mentioned:

It can be a bit heart breaking to prune so heavily in this season, but yours looks like a strong tree with more years ahead of it. Hopefully a heavy pruning and some vinegar will be just the ticket for you.

Best of luck.

Thank you very much for the advice. I have pruned the tree back severely and plan to spray with the vinegar solution today. I am considering alternating the vinegar spray with the Copper spray each week as it starts to grow back. I am not sure if that is overkill, but I do not want to lose the tree.

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I hear you. Be sure the copper spray is the variety which may be sprayed on foliage; I forget the terminology for it, but some of the copper sprays will kill leaves. I made the mistake of using one which was meant for spraying dormant plants, but I used it after the plants had leafed out. I lost several plants due to that error. I hope for the best for you and your tree.