Container Avocado?

It’s getting to that time again - and I’m thinking about what to grow this year. Last year, my attempt at rooting figs was a total failure, and a new job left my overly-ambitious vegetable garden wanting for attention! This year, my fig cuttings are happily turning into (many, many) little trees and my ambitions for vegetables is more in line with what I can now handle. But this combination of success with toning down leaves me with longing to start another exciting adventure… an avocado tree. Being in zone 7b, I realize that this will have to be an indoor/outdoor venture. I understand my best odds of the tree fruiting is if I purchase a grafted, dwarf variety. I could keep it outdoor during the warm months and keep it at about 70 degrees indoors, over the winter (and can supplement poor window light with a full-spectrum grow light). What is the likelihood of a tree growing in this environment regularly fruiting? And, if odds don’t seem too bad, who are the best nurseries to obtain one from? Thank you!

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