Container Lychee in zone 7?

I recently saw a Craigslist post in which someone was selling a very productive, 7 year old container lychee. Seller was located in Nashville.

This piqued my interest since I’m 70 miles South of Nashville.

Has anyone else had success with this in zone 7?

I do not have a greenhouse, but I do have a garage with a South facing window that I can roll the lychee into for the coldest bits of winter. The seller said they didn’t have a greenhouse, but put the lychee indoors for the winter.

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this might be worth your time and money.
btw, were there pictures of the specimen showing fruits?

I think so too. There was a picture, but the post has now been deleted. The lychee tree looked incredibly healthy, and it had lots of fruit.

Does anyone know of a reputable nursery to buy a lychee from? I thought I read somewhere that air layer is the way to go for container Lychee trees.
Is this true?

yes. Primarily due to lychees growing too big when grown as seedlings/grafted to seedlings. Airlayers tend to be dwarfs since they only develop adventitious roots but no taproots, and the stem itself is as old as the tree it came from, so already seasoned and mature.

lychees are long-lived trees.

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a ~200 yr old lychee tree grown from seed

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