Container Strawberries

I’m looking to plant some for the first time in August bareroot plants, settled on ozark beauty. Should I get 2 or 3 plants for a 36” W x 10” D x 9” H container? Also, since it will be August will it be best to cut any runners off the plants so they develop better before the winter dormant period? Trying to be proactive and am confused about this stuff. Thanks =]

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I used to grow them in such long pots (2pots) over the deck rail. I put plants about 6-8” a part. In pot, you have a lot if control how they grow. I never bother to cut off runners but you can do that.

Almost all my strawberries got eaten by chipmunks and birds as I was not keen on covering such a small area. Also, such a long pot is harder to move. After two years, I gave up.

This year, I just put plants in short pots for the fun of it. Again, chipmunks got all but one berries.

@mrsg47, used to grow in pots and net them against birds and other wildlife.


i have about 20 alpine straws in narrow containers on plywood shelves screwed onto a pallet, stood upright. looks nice and makes for easy picking but be diligent with watering as they dry quickly. this spring i sprinkled some agri gel in the bottom of the pot and put the plant back in. helps hold the moisture longer.


Awesome! I’m going to go for 3 then and make sure they establish well during late summer/fall. Will keep in mind about netting. Do you monitor ph for them? Wondering if 6 is the sweet spot. Thanks for your reply =_)

My first ear doing this too. From what I’ve read, it’s best to give your original plants one foot of space between each other, so roots have 6” around each plant before it contacts another plant (or container wall). That gives good root growth for healthy mother plants, and strong harvests. I would pinch either runner or fruit the first year. That allows good root growth while still getting something out of them, wether that be new plants or some fruit. A cage around the plants would be helpful if there’s lots of squirrels or chipmunks around. Cut any runners late summer or early fall to let the roots have a healthy start for dormancy.


note taken! thank you so much

Here is what my pot this year 24x12x9”

If I were to put them 12” apart, I would put 2 plants in this box. No way I would do that. In ground, definitely.


Yea, in a container that’s tough, but would offer better growth and fruiting. Like I said, I’m new to this, just doing a lot of reading and starting my garden slowly.
This is my start with just one plant from a nursery, and another single white pine berry plant that is suppose to arrive from starks in another month or so.

Not a full foot of space for this one plant either, but it’s got a good sized container to itself, and starting the runners in other containers