Containers near a tall retaining wall?

My house (on a hillside in Carroll Cty , MD) has a large level parking pad with mortared stone retaining walls on 2 sides.
One wall is probably 10 feet high and faces Eastern sun. The other angles downward and faces South but gets some overhanging shade from a cedar at the corner of the driveway.

I find myself limited by thin, stony soil, the presence of above ground power lines, occasional deer herds and no real backyard space to plant in. Everything has to go in the front yard which is proving awkward because I am also trying to preserve a decent view from my windows.

Would it be a good idea-- or not --to try growing container fruit trees near that eastern wall or am I going to run into problems with heat or fungal issues?

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Hi Sue,
Do you have favorite fruits in mind? Most types do require adequate sun exposure. You might get some good suggestions if you post a picture of your best sight for sun exposure and if you have some idea of the types of fruits you would like to try to grow. I assume you do not graft but if you are interested this is the best place to learn. If you have any gardening experience you might jot that down too.
I think you mentioned your soil is not to good, but that can be changed if you don’t mind doing some work. I would be happy to help you brainstorm the best ways to improve the soil you have especially where you would like to grow things.
Take care and welcome to the forum
Kent, wa