Content not shown on my tablet

It’s been few days… I cannot see the content of this forum on my tablet anymore, just a green background.
But it works on my PC without any problem. Anyone can help?

What kind of tablet is it? Did you try restarting it? There could be some old things in the cache from the previous version. You also may have too old a software, I doubt that but if the web browser on it has not been updated in awhile you might want to update it.

Let us know how it works out!

Same thing happened to my old LG smartphone that I now use as a mini-tablet. This was on the “browser” app that I’ve always used. Other sites still work.

But, there’s also a Google Chrome browser app that I’ve never used on it, and GF came up on that.

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I would suggest using a different browser or simply clean out the cache

I’ll do that. Thank you all for the input.