Contorted mulberry

I was sent some contorted mulberry cuttings through a trade. They are rooting fairly quickly. Does anyone have experience with this tree? I am mostly interested to know if it bears much fruit, is the fruit good, and would this tree be hardy to zone 5.
Thanks for any information on this really interesting tree.

Contorted mulberries are way cool looking trees. But some fruit, others do not. You need to select from those that do to clone if you want fruit. One man who has one that fruits really likes the fruit. In fact he was the one who alerted me to variants that fruited—I had believed all contorted with fruitless.

Zone 5 is fine if the frosts don’t kill the fruit off.

Just Fruits and Exotics (FL) has a fruiting contorted mulberry cultivar for sale and shipping.

*If you like contorted mulberry, you’ll love contorted quince.

Should be hardy to zone 5, I heard from another VT fellow who uses it as ‘rooting stock’ for other mulberry varieties he wants to root, grafting scions together with the contorted on bottom because it roots more readily than other cultivars. Not known for fruit quality, more of an ornamental tree/bush.