Control of Phyllosticta fungus on Pawpaw

“Phyllosticta asiminae can occur on the foliage and surface of the fruit and may cause the fruit to crack when lesions expand, and lead to fruit rot.”
S. Crabtree, J. Lowe, R. Powell. J APS 68(4): 215-220 2014

Effective fungicides

Rotate MOAs to avoid resistance to fungicide.

||Active Ingredient||MOA||Usage||
||Azoxystrobin||11||avoid marshes, freshwater||
||Oxathiapiprolin||49||avoid marshes, freshwater||
||Polyoxin D zinc salt||19||avoid marshes, freshwater||
||Propiconazole||3||avoid marshes, freshwater||

Documented phyllosticta susceptibility

|Benson|little|Lowe, Crabtree|
|Chappell|susceptible|Crabtree, Lowe, Powell|
|Green River Belle|little|Greenawalt|
|Lynn’s Favorite|none|Greenawalt|
|Mango|somewhat|Lowe, Crabtree|
|Shawnee Trail|susceptible|Francino|
|Sunflower|susceptible|Crabtree, Lowe, Powell|
|Susquehanna|somewhat|Lowe, Crabtree|

L. Greenawalt, MS Thesis OSU 2016.

J. Lowe, S. Crabtree. ASHS 20/20.

S. Francino, MS Thesis OSU 2019.

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