Controling Fly Speck & Sooty Splotch

Hello All, This year I would like to do a better job at controling both Fly Speck and Sooty Splotch.
My current program includes Immunox for CAR and Copper which I will apply shortly, neither of which is effective against the above referenced fungus. I’ve read Captan as a wettable powder is effecttive, and the cataloge that I buy from also carries Rally, which would be most effective?

Myclobutinal has no efficacy against summer fungus at all. Captan is the cheap, old standby. Newer materials aren’t packaged for managing home orchards, so you best run with Captan, I guess.

I have found that I only need to spray for summer fungus during summer months, starting in July, here in southeastern NY.

Most of my customers opt for dirty but sound apples because pristine fruit requires more than double the number of sprays. Many varieties can be scrubbed clean.

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I’ll second Alan’s suggestion. Last year I done a ton of study and efficacy comparisons and Captan is just impossible to beat and especially when cost is considered. As Alan said, you can also easily find Captan in small quantities too, where that is (or was last year) impossible to find in the newer stuff.
To get Captan really, really cheap though you really need to buy the #5 Captan WP or the #6 Captan WDG. Either can be had for under $50 including shipping, unless the price has went up very recently.
I’ll spray a Captan / Sulfur combo this year. Cheap and effective.

Thanks for the replys. The E & R cataloge has the 50% WP in an 8oz bag. I don’t obsess about the discoloration, I doesn’t
impact the russetted apples at all, mostly on my Matsu and Calville De Hiver. Yes I have washed the blotch off but the fly speck is another matter. I’m up to 25 trees now, not all are bearing so myview is if I invest the time and energy, I’d like to get the best fruit possible. It really won’t be any more work as I spray Triazicide every 3 weeks or so when the bugs first appear. Can the Captan and Triazicde be combined?

Pristine apples are received more enthusiastically as gifts or merchandise, that’s for sure. They don’t necessarily taste better but they store better.

Yes, they can be combined.
On that subject I should mention (since I suggested it) that there are some warnings on the combination of Sulfur and Captan. We hashed over this pretty good back on the GW and I think we was all in agreement that the issue was not with the combo, but rather the sulfur itself. There are 2 varieties of apple along with Concord grapes that reportedly can sometimes be injured by sulfur. It seems to me Jonathan may have been 1 of the varieties, but I’d really have to look. Just thought I should mention that, though I think it’s not an issue.
Captan and sulfur are often combined to achieve the powdery mildew efficacy of sulfur.

I do use Kocide but only combined with oil as my early sprays. Thereafter, its a couple of shots of Immunox after petal fall, then Triazide when the bugs appear. Occaisionally I’ll have to switch to Sevin when the Jap Beatles appear. I’ll try the Captan hopefully I’ll notice an improvement in appearance.

Consider Keystone Pest Solutions. They have 6.25 lb. Captan 80WDG for $51 delivered if you use the discount code “save5”. That’s the cheapest you’ll find it anywhere. I looked everywhere, just bought some a few hours ago. That’s a lot of Captan for us backyard folks, but it’s very versatile.