Controlling strawberry leaf diseases on everbearing plants

What is the recommended practice for controlling strawberry leaf diseases, especially in my case strawberry leaf spot, on everbearing strawberries? I would like to have a spray regimen to control this disease but I don’t really want to be spraying over ripening fruit that I will soon be picking. This is kind of a unique problem for me because almost everything else that I have to spray, I can spray before it ripens and then wait a week or two before harvest. With everbearing strawberries, I can’t really do this. Currently, I am using a mixture of Immunox and Captan fungicides.

According to The Ohio Stae University extension Tribute and Tristrar are supposed to be tolerant of leaf spot. Strawberry Leaf Diseases | Ohioline

I have no spray solution for you. Even my ever bearing varieties stop bearing after June .

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