Copyleft photos and image assets

Hi guys,

I’ve started this thread to post photos with open licenses. Photos posted in this thread are licensed under CC BY 4.0 unless otherwise stated.

Note that photos posted in this thread should not be taken to abrogate or impose any rights or responsibilities to just by posting the photo to this thread. (Basically, I don’t want scott to prune the thread over image license concerns).


It’s useful to have free (as in not encumbered by copyright) image assets e.g., for use in software projects and references such as wikipedia.

I’m working on an app related to gardening. It has a splash screen that shows gardening photos. I’ve used some of my best photos - wondering if anyone here has some I can use. They can be anything related to gardening whether that’s blossoms, harvest, some aesthetic foliage or espalier training, cool macro photos of fruits / vegs / insects / animals found in the garden, new plants for the year just delivered. You can be in the photos too but keep in mind it should be focused on gardening and people may see the photos.

I’m posting some of my own to get started.

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nikita’s gift persimmon

vdb figs

purple passionflower


purple passionflower


vdb fig