Cornell releases three new apple varieties


When I was at Cornell Store in Ithaca in 2017, we tried these apples. Wonder if they are one of the new releases.


Based on the description there, “Apple A” sounds like it became “Firecracker.”


I bet they are good. Two of my favorite apples come from the Geneva NY program - Liberty and Jonagold. Currently my Jonagolds are waiting to be made into more pie and apple sauce - so good! And Liberty performs every year, no disease problems and delicious tasting apples.

That anise flavored one sounds interesting.


i grafted a couple liberty scions on my y. transparent last spring. hopefully they fruit next summer. i used to have a liberty tree at may old property. it was a huge producer with great tasting apples. never needed to spray it either.

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While trying to find a source for firecracker I came across a new variety I haven’t heard about. SIMFONIA (YX-2) Google shows a patent that has coop-25 as a parent and scab resistant sought. I see van wells has that in its upcoming inventory.

Dang, but I wish I could say that. My Libs are a real codling moth magnet. They don’t have much else bothering them, maybe a little powdery mildew. So far I’ve been able to manage the cm with spinosad and triazicide, but next year I’m planning to switch to malathion for a cycle or two, then back to the others. Sulfur is all I need for the mildew.

So far …


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could be the fact my old place was on a hill surrounded by fields ,about 300yds. from any trees. much different from where I’m at now.

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