Corona AP 3110 Anvil Pruner

I owned this pruner for many year. It was my workhorse until I lost it. I just found a new one and got it.

Is this pruner discontinued? I tried at Lowe’s and Amazon. Can’t find it. Only the Fiskars Anvil pruner, which I do not like.

I used this pruner for most of the pruning. Very handy and able to cut some really hard wood. I still keep my regular Corona pruner if I want to take some cuttings to root etc.


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i really dislike anvil pruners. They tend to squish the branch/shoot. And introduce small cracks. I have a few books on pruning. They all recommend shears of the “bypass” type.

But if it works well for you. i see no reason to switch. Just maybe give a bypass a try or ask to lend one from a fellow fruit grower around :slight_smile:

As I said, Anvil pruner is good to cut very hard wood and particularly dead wood. I used it the whole weekend to prune my grape vines. A lot of dead wood from the winter. It is almost impossible to get it done with the “bypass” pruner.

Sure Anvil pruner is not good for greenwood and tender branches. I can’t use my 20" long pruner to prune grape wood. It is also not good for any branches with hollow core, like fig wood.


An anvil pruner works much better on very hard wood and vary soft wood if blade is kept sharp. With thin bark that rips easily an anvil pruner works better. I’ve never had a problem with an anvil pruner squashing any wood when kept sharp. A sharp anvil pruner can be used when grafting. The pruners benefit varies with task at hand.


I get two sets of pruners with each set of one bypass and one anvil. One set is hand pruners and the other set is the long handle pruners. The long handle Corona anvil pruner has the fiberglass handle and the handle broke. The Corona hand anvil pruner got lost somewhere about two years ago.

For the cuts I do, grape, blueberry, pears, peach, jujube and nut trees, I find myself using anvil pruner most of the time. The wood is too tough for the bypass pruner.

Bypass pruner to take fig cuttings.

good to know.

If once sharpened an anvil pruner to almost grafting knife sharpness. I stil had less then ideal cuts with it. And discounted the style ever since. Admittedly though the anvil pruner i sharpened was a cheap probably poor quality one. Maybe i should give them another try once i encounter a quality version.

is your bypass pruner properly sharpened? i have no jujube and nut tree’s but the others from your list, my bypass pruner goes trough like butter. thumb thickness branches. Anything thicker and i use loppers

I do not know what kind of “thumb thick” branches you can cut with hand bypass pruner. I think most hand bypass pruners can’t even open 1" (thumb). Also I do not use my hand bypass pruner to cut hardwood. Can easily break it.

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I also have several ratcheting anvil pruners which do an amazing job on medium size branches. They can cut branches with ease that bypass pruners can’t begin to touch. The cuts are clean. It prevents me from having to switch back and forth from hand pruners to small loppers, speeding up the process considerably.