Cost report and call for donations

Yes its another somewhat-irregular call for donations to keep Growing Fruit running. The last time we asked for money was Feb 2016.

Report on expenses

Since 2016 we have upgraded the server to the $50/month plan which gives us very good throughput, and the images were offloaded to AWS since they can hold as many images as we can muster. Here is a summary of the costs since the last round of donations.

Costs since 2-16
dates # months Linode AWS Mailgun total per month cost for period
2/16 to 1/17 11 $35 $0 $0 $35 $385
2/17 to 8/18 19 $35 $15 $0 $50 $950
9/18 - 5/19 9 $50 $35 $0 $85 $765
total 2/16-5/19 $2,100

Linode is the underlying server, AWS is the Amazon image storing service, and Mailgun sends all those email notices for us. The key increase is AWS, and not so much for storage but for displaying the images. The above number is the average, but recently AWS has been increasing and its now more like $60/month just to display all the images (only $5/month to store them). We may need to look for another image hosting method if AWS cost keeps increasing.

Call for donations

This website has no ads to pay for it, we pay for it by collectively kicking in a few bucks every now and then. There is no recommended donation or levels, it is solely up to you. If you don’t want to contribute thats A-OK! If you want to contribute a bunch, that’s also A-OK!

Please send your donations to my Paypal account: If you use the “friends and family” option there is no surcharge so please use that. The next call for donations will be when the money from this call runs out.

Here is what we got in Feb 2016 for the record: $1,221. The median donation last time was $20 if you are curious. We are around $900 in the hole now as the AWS costs increased faster than I had thought they would.

While Paypal is easier, If you would prefer to send a check or cash that will also work. Here is my address.

Thanks for your support!


Done :+1:

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9/18 - 5/19 9 $50 $35 $0 $75 $765

Total per month should be $85 not $75, cost for period $765 is correct.

Thanks for taking care of the site. I don’t have paypal so donation is in the mail.

Found out it was much faster to use my husband’s Paypal, since it has a line for “memo”

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Can we please have a direct link to your paypal account. Great Scott, so glad you asked, we’re ready!!!

Mine will be in the mail also. Thanks Scott.



Paypaled you!


You need your own PayPal, not Scott’s

You open send money, paste Scott’s email in, then click next. On the next page you select send money to a friend and enter amount.


Great thanks!!!

Oops, fixed!

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sent! money well spent! :wink: keep up the good work Scotty!

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Paypal sent

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Me too.

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Done , and thank you

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Yup. In the mail in the A.M.

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Okay, I’m apparently a moron. I tried clicking on the link Scott provided and nothing happens. Just send the check and make it easy?

I’m there with you! I have used PayPal on (rare) occassion, but I hate to cut in any more middlemen than I have to. I’m sure it is easier for Scott, because he said so, so I feel like I should do it the modern way, but I trust Scott with the money and if he has to do it for one of us then he’ll be able to do a bunch of them together.

So my apologies to Scott, and bless his heart for pulling this load so well. (Betcha I get a ton of “likes” on this post!)


If you are not familiar with Paypal it’s probably easier to mail it.

If you do have a PayPal account go to, log in, and “send money” to my email above.

Done. A pleasure to contribute to this great site


Sent. PayPal. Appreciate this site very much. Thanks Scott.


Paypal sent. Thank you, Scott.