Costco fruit

I usually think CostCo produce is a bit pricey, I’ve gotten good pears lately. Today I got 5 lb bag of Forelle pears for $7 (from Chile). I’m looking forward to them ripening, never had a Forelle. They also had apriums and other stonefruit hybrids.

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Those look great but they don’t have the pronounced speckeling that you typically see with forelle pears. It’s probably my favorite pear. I’d love to try and grow it but it is not as resistant to fire blight as I’d like.

They are very speckled, just shiny in the picture.

I personally think that Costco fruit is cheaper. I bought Opal apples from Costco and Trader Joe’s to compare once. Costco fruit were bigger and the price is cheaper.

I will see if Costco here carry this pears. Thanks for telling us.

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Costco had CA Apriums when I was in there a few days ago

Best piece of fruit I ever had in my life was from Costco. Don’t know what variety, but it was a whitefleshed nectarine. Unbelievably good!

I bought Golden Sweet Apriums today; however, I don’t think they have any plum parentage in them. The patent doesn’t state any plum in their parentage.

What kind of hybrids?

I bought these Forelle pears yesterday at a local Costco and they are terrible — incredibly mealy and lacking in taste. Maybe they spent too long time in storage…

On the other hand, Bartlett pears (from Argentina) bought the same day at the same store are very good — very juicy, with a good sweet/sour balance.

With respect, were they ripe? Mine are still hard. I sat a banana on the basket to speed things up.

They were well overripe. I don’t think a fruit that’s already mealy can be made better by letting it sit.

Fruit from costco ranges from great to awful. I think the growers just don’t care sometimes. They sell pink lady apples that aren’t even pink!

I thought the Pink Lady trademark requires some minimum standards or else they are sold as Cripps Pink. That’s what my wife gets at work.

Looks better than Walmart Honeycrisps!

That’s a great buy! They look good too.
There is a variety called Royal Forelle that looks a lot like what you have pictured. They have a bit less speckling and more red in color I think.

Those HC look pretty pitiful. I don’t have a Costco close by, but I’ve always considered walmart to peddle the lowest quality of fruit…actually, the lowest quality of everything now that I think about it.
Don’t get me wrong, I have gotten good stuff there, but the percentages are comparatively low…way low.

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You’ve never been to Woodmans then… :slight_smile: No…they have some good stuff, just be careful. They sell Pink Lady there for $1.19/lb all winter long so the prices are good.

Costco must just get the large/good looking fruit. I was looking at their mangoes…they must get the biggest stuff off the trees. The Ataulfos i bought there were monsters.

My local food coop gets really nice stuff and the prices aren’ t half bad. They had apples out of New Zealand (some sort of HC type apple) and they were excellent…and they didn’t come out of storage after 6 months… although they probably took a month on a boat/semi to get here. They had “Banana” mangoes once…from Haiti…best mango i’ve ever had…think it was late summer.