Cot-N-Candy Aprium in Vista CA

Here’s my Zaiger Cot-N-Candy Aprium, just about finished putting out new leaves.


What do you think of these? Guy at the nursery last year talked me out of it and steered me to Spice Zee instead.

I grow and enjoy both of them!

CNC is nothing special IME. It falls off the tree half green. Can get nicely sweet but lacks flavor and goes soft fast.

The tree is even worse. The spurs don’t last long even in good light so one chases the fruiting wood up the tree.

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Sounds like a poor breed for your area.

All gardening is local. Please let us know how this one does here in So Cal.

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@MrClint, I first grew this in the ground in western Rancho Penasquitos. In years 3-5 the fruit was tasty and plentiful. I brought a plant from my former nursery operation to Vista in 2013 and planted it a year later. I had about a dozen fruits late last spring. This year I expect 3 dozen after thinning.

CNC is the sweetest, tastiest fruit I have ever eaten. It was a real surprise last year. This year the tree is loaded.


Can you please compare CNC’s taste to that of other apricot and aprium varieties you have tried?

Here is a description by David Karp (from an article published in LA Times): Taste score: 6. Yellowish-white skin and flesh, juicy and sweet, with a melony flavor; delicate, bruises easily; the closest thing to a white apricot available at farmers markets, but not as complex and intense as elite noncommercial varieties.

For comparison, David Karp’s taste scores for some other apricot and aprium varieties: Moorpark (9), Robada (7), Tasty Rich (4).

I grow both CNC and standard Apricot because I love them both. I have noted over the years that David Karp’s tastes in fruit are different from mine. I’d say mine are very close Tom Spellman.

To get an idea how the broader population feels, follow the link to CNC at DWN above, and then navigate to the fruit taste score pages.

I have not yet tasted many varieties in David Karp’s list, but his opinions on Moorpark and CandyCots (Anya and Yuliya) were spot on for me. I specifically looked last summer for CandyCots, due to the description in David Karp’s article, and they are indeed amazing! Just for this revelation, I will be indebted to Karp forever. Moorpark from my own tree was also excellent, although it has a different taste profile than CandyCots.

Stan, if you are around harvest time, you can taste some from my tree.

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Angelcots are way better! You should try them.

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Thanks, Vinod!

Thanks for the tip, I’ll try to find these in season. They are grown on Maggiore Ranch in Brentwood, which is about 13 miles from where I live. I googled photos of Angelcots and in appearance they look remarkably similar to Shalah (an old Armenian cultivar of white apricot, a.k.a Erevani). Shalah is a proven taste winner. A description I found however says that Angelcot is a hybrid of Moroccan and Iranian varieties (but who really knows). I also found an old post by Scott on GW, and he was disappointed in the taste (possibly because fruits were harvested before ripe).

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Pruned from 10’ to 5’.


Ants started devouring my CnCs so I harvested some. Taste was ok compared to my Blenheims.


Those are nice looking CNC. Not one of my favorites but can be very good here.

Thanks! But that red blush is deceiving. It tasted pretty dry and flavorless. The Blenheims on the other hand look just yellow on the outside but are a melting, orange colored, sweet, succulent delight!


From your description of the taste, it sounds like they weren’t ripe.