Cot N Candy Apriums Getting Ready

I planted this tree last year and it has about 20 fruits on it this year. One is coloring up better than the others!


Jealous! Those are beautiful!

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Picked my first CNC. It was quite sweet with tart on the skin but no real juice/texture. Tasted like a candy for sure :slightly_smiling: BTW, the red blush part was the sweetest!

@fruitnut, I didn’t water this tree for a month. I’m sure it helped the fruit get sweeter!


Vin, did you measure brix on that one?

Nope, I’m going to get a refractometer now.

Holy cow, the fruit is getting tastier the later I pick. This one hit it out of the park!


So is there any cot taste there?

They are all cot, just sweeter!