Cot-N-Candy versus Flavor Delight Aprium?

I can only choose one at the moment for spring planting and i cant make up my mind. Does anyone have any experience growing either in zone 7?

Where are you located? City/state? Zone number alone does not tell the whole story.

I have Flavor Delight in 6b/7a west of DC. It has been pretty reliable for me. Flowers a little early, but always seems to set fruit. Don’t have cot-n-candy, but description says it blooms super early. Apricots are one of the first fruit trees to bloom and it is a good idea to focus on ones that have later blooming to avoid frost and lack of insects.


Im in central PA if that helps.

I have FD in Wilmington, DE and it is good tasting, but not very special. The only people I know of who spoke highly of Cot-N-Candy live in California/Arizona, so it will not be on my top half dozen cots that I plant.

My Tomcot and Blenheim taste significantly better than my FD. Several people in the north east spoke highly of Ilona and Early Blush, so I would have planted these instead of FD if I had known better then.

I have a couple Blenheims that have not fruited yet. What kind of luck have you had with it? Moorpark Wenatche, Chinese sweet pit, and FD have done well for me so far. Your right about FD. It’s a little on the dry side.

My Blenheim tree is very productive, vigorous and precocious. On it’s third leaf it produced more than 200 fruits and perhaps 300-400 on the fourth; and that’s after thinning! Fifth leaf, the similarly big crop got zapped by the April 17 freeze. I got it from Bay Laurel nursery in 2016. Are you sure yours are Blenheim? Do they get enough sun? I noticed that apricots are very sensitive to lack of sun and will drop their flowers or even buds that are on shaded branches.