My plant is stressed from something, PH too high or low or too much sun. It has really red leaves, curious if anyone knows what direction to begin with. They do seem to be greening back up, I think the PH wasn’t low enough. Rainwater could be helping also. Likely I’ll stick it in the ground in a good spot and cross my fingers

Mine showed a fair bit of purple color similar to yours once they went outside. I don’t know if it was the cool nights or just going into the sun that did it.

They’re going strong with new growth now though, so it might not be too much of an issue. Maybe?

Mine are definitely in an acidic medium, though nothing super acidic. It’s composted manor and wood chips mostly. I didn’t add any acidifier.

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Looks really nice, yeah I am gonna monitor it. It likely just got some sun shock initially. It seems to be looking better daily.

*Cherry of the Rio Grande (COTRG), for those who were wondering.

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