Coworkers love Kumquats!

I picked the remaining kumquats off the tree this weekend, and brought in several yesterday for my coworkers to try. Everyone loved them. Most folks had never heard of kumquats before. They aren’t exactly growing wild here in Tennessee.

Here is the tree before I picked off all the fruit. We had already eaten several by the time this pic was taken. This is a Meiwa kumquat.


Very nice little Meiwa tree, Rob! I remember the first time I was introduced to a kumquat tree. I think I was about 32 or thereabouts. We bought a house with a planted kumquat tree. I had never heard of them, before, and I live in “Citrus Country”! My dog loved them, used to pick them all the time. Meiwa is about the only kumquat I like, as I am not much of a sour citrus fan (unless it’s juiced into an “ade”).

Patty S.

I grow the meiwa because my Someone really enjoys them. My family and friends all like them. I don’t think I’ll ever develop a taste for them, myself. The taste of dish soap overpowers all the other tastes and sensations of the fruit for me. They don’t seem to taste like that to others.

Yours look very nice!

Patty, our dogs don’t like them, but our “mini” pig loves them!

Muddy, that’s kind of the way I feel about raspberries. They have a very perfumey taste to them. I can eat them, but they’re far from my favorite fruit.

All of my citrus plants look a little rough right now. They’ve been inside the greenhouse all winter. I had just taken them out when this photo was taken. You can see the Eureka lemon behind and to the right of the kumquat. It’s covered in flower buds. I love that citrus flower smell.

You and me both, citrus peel just isn’t an appealing taste to me :wink:

It’s ruined many a delicious dessert, I can’t imagine intentionally popping whole citrus in my mouth.

Nice plant! I have a kumquat plant growing in container for several years, and just bought few more vaieties from 4wings, Meiwa is one of them. I love to eat kumquats.