Cox'x Orange Pippin still good

Found a bag of COP I’d lost in a downstairs fridge. It had gotten so cold that a few of them were ruined, but some of them weren’t and we’re eating those now.

I’m amazed by how well they’ve held up. They’re still firm, crisp, juicy and oh, so good. They’re just in a class by themselves taste-wise. The skins were a bit on the tough side but still fine.

We’re also still eating Liberties, of which we still a zillion and most of which have held pretty well; Karmijn d’ Sonnaville are still good but they’re mostly gone. I’m leaving the Prairie Spy, Jonagold, and Cameo for last. Stay tuned …


This is exactly what I want to be able to do, have all these great apples…into February!! Setting a high bar Mark. Well done.


I agree! I have some good keepers coming in scionwood and hope I can have this in a few years :+1: Great to hear this!


Heighdy Jim and Poncho. Just try to avoid that frozen and discarded part when you get there!


Will do, @marknmt :joy: :+1:

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Here’s some photos-

I was surprised by the “watercore”, which I’m guessing is from the very low storage temperatures. It didn’t bother us at all in the eating, but not everybody thinks that way.


Yum! I am orange with envy.

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