Crab apples, are these Centennial?

I have lost a lot of tags of my fruit varieties. Some that have tags have turned into a different variety!!!

I’d like to ask if people can tell if these are Centennial crab apples. They were my first year’s fruit. They ripened today. Seeds were dark brown. Has fruit size of a small plum. Texture remind me of a Delicious type of apples. No crunch. Could not measure brix. Detected some tannin in it.

I put a Red Heart plum with them for a size comparison.


The apple on the left looks like my centennial. A little bit egg shaped. I like them a little early before they get too much red…at which point I think they get softer and more bland.

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Thank you.
I did not know when to pick them. They fell to the ground. I was lucky to find them before the animals did. Both were from the same cluster. Only two this year. I will pick them earlier next year.

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You’ll have a winner I think. At the right time, I feel they are excellent. A real treat early in the year. Crisp, sweet, with some crab kick…not that I’m good at describing apples. Mine are usually ready when they get a bit of blush, although my kids might steal them a bit early!


Nothing bothers my crabapples. If they fall they are so hard they don’t bruise and can lay on the soil several days without anything bothering them. No bags, no spray, and no pest. They do get a little CAR. My raccoons are going for the high sugar fruit like my pears and muscadines.

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Here is a centennial apple I picked. Not ready to fall yet, but just right for eating.


The raccoons love these apples. The tree is too small. They cleared the remaining apples off the little tree last night.

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