Cracked skin - Karmijn D'Sonnenville apple

The skin of a few KARMIJN D’SONNENVILLE apples has developed these cracks and the skin on the rest of the apple feels very russeted, very rough.

It does not go very deed but looks like the grand canyon; one crack going about 1/3 of the circunference of the fruit.

Does not look like insect damage.

Any ideas?


Looks like boron deficiency to me.

KDS may just be susceptible to cracking. I had an issue with it 2 years ago. I didn’t get great fruitset last year to see if it would recur. No cracking so far this year, but I haven’t had any crack- when I had cracking, it was one of the 3 worst hit, out of the ~15 which had apples at the time.

Boron deficiency can be fixed with Borax, cheaply, from the grocery store, if done carefully. It greatly improved my fruit set and yield.