Creating a Mock Orange tree out of Mock Orange bush


I love trees but don’t care for bushes/shrubs. I want things to look nice and tidy with a trunk and leaves up top. Don’t like it when they flop all over the ground.

I have a Mock Orange bush that is doing just that. Flopping all over the ground. I love the smell of flowers so I don’t want to take it out. Is it possible to sort of prune mock orange into a tree shape. I’m thinking maybe I’ll take out all the branches and keep one main branch, stake it up and let it grow into a tree? Will it work?

Another plant that I don’t like the look of is blue berries. I’d like to grow it for the fruit but I think they create a big bushy mess and don’t look good. The closest I’ve seen a blue berry looking like a tree is @Drew51 post of his Legacy. Is it possible to keep bloobs on one cane and create sort of a tree? Or is it just against its nature?


No not really because canes have a limited life. You should remove them after 5 years. Their is a way I think though and that is grafting blueberry unto a sparkleberry tree. It seems to work, not sure if canes are renewed to the graft? Or why it works. I guess you could try all the same on a plant, and if the main cane becomes too unproductive let other canes form instead of removing them. Try renewing the wood on the main cane trunk, that may work too.