Creating a nice seedbed for grass

What is a good tool to create a nice seedbed for grass seed?

Tiller leaves clumps, a rake takes forever (and you still have to manually chop clumps).

The clumps cause the seed to fall in between the clumps and it looks like crap when it germinates.

You need an extra wide rake and a roller. Also some lawn topper soil.

It’s 3,900 square feet. That’s a LOT of bags of lawn starter soil. Like an insane number.

Could always buy a load of topsoil and spread it even with a lawn leveling rake.

Or just plant fruit trees to shade out the ground. j/k

Yeah, that would be 24 cu yards at 2". One of those bags is about 1/20 cu yard. It’s typically cheaper to go bulk if you need more than a few bags, depending on delivery charge. For that size area, though, I’d consider if you even need to bring in outside soil. If there’s anything remotely resembling a lawn on it, the organic matter is probably decent, and it will just need to be broken up and raked. Or, you could do what I do and just overseed, getting a little better every year.

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Rototill then rake, or hire it done. I would only rototil to about 2"

You could look into renting a power rake (depending on the current status of your area). We use one regularly on lawn installs if area is already relatively graded and decent soil, and just needs roughed up, then a quick pass with a landscape rake to do finish grade.