Creative Fruit Tree Irrigation for zone 4b

I have around 20 trees on my half acre now. It’s a bit difficult to run around and fill up 5 gallon containers with holes in the bottom to water every week so I am trying to determine next steps. Anyone have any creative slow watering irrigation ideas?

Preferably, I want something that I can hook up to my home’s spigot, but hate the thought of leaving a hose sitting around. I also have in-ground irrigation and I’m contemplating adding in another zone for slow watering the trees.

What does everyone else do?

My initial thought was to plop perforated buckets in beside each plant you want to water with your system, then make a new irrigation zone with hight flow to fill the buckets for slow release. Alternatively, just make a soaker hose network and slow water those trees.

Here’s the rest of what I have thought about for a system.

Maybe there won’t be a drought this year, so you won’t need to water much. I seldom water my orchard.