Credits to Scott :-)

After severe thunderstorms we almost lost internet connection. It is there, but probably 300 times slower than it should be. I can’t open any sites, they all hanging on downloading from somewhere. All, but Growing Fruit. This one opens in few seconds! Thank you, @scottfsmith !


i’d also like to thank scott.

when i first started lurking here, i thought the site’s simple appearance was rather. . . simple. but now i appreciate how powerful the software is. instead of loading an entire 1000-post thread, it only loads those in the vicinity of your perusal, so the site isn’t a bandwidth hog.

i also like that the forum software remembers a draft of your post, so that you could come back to it later (in my case, after my computer crashes, which it does often), and the bulk of the draft survives.

the forum training intro was both useful and humorous. it espaliers new members, haha.

so thanks to scott for choosing an excellent piece of software that hides its sophistication under the hood.


One thing I find really helpful. I use Macs and Apple products. Apple computers put all your pictures in Photo Prison and makes it very step consuming to upload them to the web (or anywhere!). But my photos on my phone can be immediately accessed. So if I am on my computer and typing a post and want to upload a photo I can go to that thread on my phone and concurrently get into the draft for that post and upload the photo I want and continue typing on my computer. I am surprised by this but it is fantastic!


I do the same thing kate. I like that I can do that because sometimes sending pics to my computer doesn’t always go so well.

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One of the main reason I dont use apple products, they are nazi’s when it comes to content management…

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The credit for the quality of the software goes to the Discourse team, they set out to “build a better forum” and they succeeded :grinning:


Yest Katy, I also LOVE that i can be on one device, and the same draft pops up on the other!


New Favicon, very cool

Someone noticed! :slight_smile:

I had a favicon when I originally built the site but the link broke a long time ago and I never fixed until now. There were also a few other images that were broken or stuck on the default that I fixed today.



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Thanks, in general, Scott. This site is fun, and immensely valuable.


Yup the site is super fast.

But, when I opened it from my iPhone in India, all the posts between the thread title and “Bookmark, Share etc” section are not shown. Worked well on my laptop though. Not a problem for me now though!

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Just saw it , very nice

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Just chiming in. I’ve been using forums for years and recently started looking around for new communities. I’ve been using a homebrew forum with a horrible UI so the UI here is like cool pure water after crawling through a desert.



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There is also a thumbs down, which is great for this forum. Saves the time of typing!