Creeping thyme seedlings

I’m growing about 50 creeping thyme seedlings to plant as a groundcover. Most of them look pretty good, but a couple of them seem to have tip dieback like the picture below. Now, all of them are sprouting side shoots and I presume will end up just fine, considering they creep along the ground anyway.

My suspicion is maybe too much moisture? I backed off on watering, but the difficulty is that my potting mix (Miracle Gro) basically goes like this:

Day 1 - too wet
Day 2 - too wet
Day 3 - too wet
Day 4 - Goldilocks
Day 5 - wilting

A bit hard to see, but the one in the center is one of the ones I’m talking about. Only about four of the seedlings are actually doing this, but a few do have a little bit of leaf desiccation of some sort going on.

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Pinch off any dead you see (happening or has already happened) Bryan. And just continue on.

Recently you posted tomatoes and Darrel said let the soil dry out between waterings. That’s the best you can do but not everyone is able to monitor their plants all the time.

I’d recommend you water from below for newly sprouted seedlings until their root mass is getting on the larger side. That’s just me. I don’t know if that’s right but I’ve been growing flowers and vegetables and herbs for I don’t know how many years and successfully I guess.

Keep your plants clean! pinch off the dead.


The tomatoes look better. Partly because I have let them dry out more, but I also think the root systems have expanded enough to keep the mix drier just because they’re actually drawing up more water.

Do you have a heat mat you could put under them for a while? It may help.

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