Crisp n Sweet Pear

Does anyone have experience with this pear?’

I’m not a gurneys fan, but it has a good description.

I don’t have experience with it. It’s name is actually green jade
It was developed at Purdue University

What I’ve heard about it was that it’s excellent on every count.
The patent was filed in 2001

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I’m getting confused on this pear myself now trying to track down additional patent info etc. I’m unsure what is trademark and what is patent on this one.

I read this description too and thought it sounded good. I have a lanti jujuli grafted on my tree that I hope may be similar. Kind of like the crispness of Asian pears but with the sweetness and flavor of European , I hope.

I have a small Crisp n Sweet tree which has produced a few pears the last couple years. I’ve tried them hard and soft and prefer the soft ones. It’s high quality pear, but not really a standout compared to other high quality pears.


We have one that is loaded with pears this year. I am frustrated by Gurneys description that they ripen on the tree in Mid August. Where? Mid August in northern Minnesota? Georgia? And how do you tell when they are ripe? Color? The lift test, that works for other pears? If they don’t ripen after you pick them, you need to know what a ripe pear looks like. One turned light yellow and was overripe already. The rest are too hard, not sweet or juicy.