Cross arm and constant charger

Found a tee post trellis cross arm for deer fence, this is a 3 foot clamp-on metal support arm to carry a wire, braided wire, or tape. It will clamp on the tee post at deer nose level to the outside, and the sent caps will be hung along it. It is a hot wire, added a constantly lit hot wire charger yesterday, for $40.

Had heavy deer browse around the garden two winters and will see how this works.

Tired and sore crawling around on that 5th lowest braid wire, ouch! Had another idea that is cost effective. The fence needs 2 more feet of top, one or two lines added to the tee posts.

I dug out some 1.5" schedule 40 white pvc pipe. Going to cut a 2 foot length for each tee post top and secure with two stainless plumbers pipe clamps. The braided electric wire can be threaded through drill holes without need of insulators.

The braided electric wire makes one’s eyes cross, with the 3ft stand outs added, it should make animals’ perception blur. Changing to a tape braid in white for the gate, maybe easier to see and handle. This is basically the Gallagher System on the cheap. Flagging tape is for me and deer not to run into the wire.

Cross arms can be set to length with u-clamp for hold out to 3 feet:

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Just a idea …
Since you are thinking of using pvc over t post to extend the height, and want cross arms to stick out.
Why not put a “t” on the pvc glueing a cross arm extension on it of pvc, one small bolt in a hole in the pvc on the flat side Of post ,just above one of the knobs on the post should hold it up, and prevent it from rotating. And drill holes in pvc as you said , for the wire ,eliminating the need for more insulators,
So,… just one bolt and a “t” for side arm .
No need for the pipe clamps, u bolts .?
Hope that makes sense ?

Yes HBH, and the braid looks confusing to the eye all ready, which is how the thing works with addition of sent caps. Can’t afford to put out a grand of stock and have it destroyed first week.