Crown gall on young peach/nectarine tree


I have a couple questions regarding my young peach trees growing in zone 6 Michigan. Soil here is quite sandy. I attached pictures of a Artic Glo (Lovell) I removed that was stunted and not growing well. Photo 1 looks like a gall to me. Is this correct?

I have a White Lady (Lovell) tree spaced about 17 feet away that appears to have a swollen root flare. Does this look like a crown gall forming? Photo 2

I have had a few trees already get severe gall formations on the stem and roots which were removed a month ago or so. Those two trees were Reliance (Semi Dwarf unknown rootstock) and Artic Fantasy (Unknown Rootstock). Now that I’m aware of this issue I am looking much closer at the base of my trees. I’m worried this will be a widespread problem.

I would appreciate feedback/input from you guys. Thanks!

It will only allow me to post one photo at a time since I am a new user.

Photo 2

Hello Thomas, welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear your tree was not doing well.

Have a look here for pictures of crown gall.

Your trees root flares are bulbous but it doesn’t have the lumpy tumerous growth appearance of crown gall others have shown.

Thank you for the reply. The two trees I removed a month ago had tumorous growths like what is in the photos you linked. The growths were not as large though. I believe the trees had much more time to allow the tumors to grow before I noticed them. After I became aware of the issue I started looking at my younger trees more carefully. I just wanted to make sure these were not early formations of galls on them.

As far as it just appearing as bulbous rootstock, that is great to hear. I can’t remember what it looked like when I planted it and if it has swollen more.

Thank you for your input.