Cruel but effective squirrel deterrent

cheaper source

Newest A24 CO2 Portable Easy Multi-catch Mouse&Rat Trap Auto Reset Rodent Killing Machine (

A24 is smaller than A18 trap. Maybe too small.

Hmm, given the price diffrence between the two models its still worth a shot. Even if its two small for the adults. It could still take out the juveniles.


I’m trying a rat trap screwed to a tall stake. This is to keep it above my dog. I smeared peanut butter on the stake.

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I think a rat trap will most likely injure but not kill a squirrel. Let us know how it works.

I have a rat trap and it does eliminate squirrels.


Do what? Illegal to kill squirrels? You mean there is no open hunting season for squirrels? That make no sense. But I imagine there isn’t much that makes sense when you live on the left coast.

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The rat trap has triggered twice in the last two days, no tree rat. Last year I put finish nails where swing bar hits at close. This kills . Time for the up grade.

We do have an electric fence to keep most squirrels out, but some find their way in. Normally I use the timer to energize only at night. But my peaches are nearing golf ball size and that’s when the critters get interested

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There are native squirrels here that are protected, and non-native that are invasive. It’s not legal to kill the former, so an indiscriminate lethal trap would not be legal.

I think exceptions for crop damaged are limited to commercial endeavors.


As @murky said, there is an endangered native squirrel in this area, so you cannot use any kind of trap that might kill those if you’re in the area where they are protected. The invasive eastern gray squirrels are mostly the ones you see being a pest, not the native ones, and I’m pretty sure it’s fine to hunt the invasive ones. The link above says this:

Shooting tree squirrels may be helpful if a small, localized population of introduced species is problematic. For safety considerations, shooting is generally limited to rural situations and is considered too hazardous in more populated areas, even if legal.

And this:

The Western gray squirrel is classified as a threatened species and cannot be hunted, trapped, or killed (WAC 232-12-007). The red squirrel, Douglas squirrel, and Northern flying squirrel are protected species and can be trapped or killed only in emergency situations when they are damaging crops or domestic animals (RCW 77.36.030). A special permit is required in such situations.

The Eastern gray squirrel and Eastern fox squirrel are unclassified and may be trapped or killed year-round as long as you have a hunting license. In such cases, no special trapping permit is necessary for the use of live traps. However, a special trapping permit is required for the use of all traps other than live traps (RCW 77.15.192, 77.15.194; WAC 232-12-142).

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It’s also illegal to relocate live squirrels other than onto the same property on which they were trapped.

Live traps are permitted for the Eastern squirrels so that they can be dispatched once identified.


A quick download, transfer to a shareware program called Lview and clicking on “Image/Auto adjust colors” resulted in this improved quality image. Enjoy!

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Thanks @john_860 … that does look much better.

That was my first car… 55 chevy… it was heavy and with some big mud grip tires on the back it did well at traveling old logging roads and getting thru some big mud holes.

It had a 327 v8 engine 4 barrell carb.

I paid 400.00 for it… money I had worked a couple summers to save up. Hauling hay, working at local ball park. Brings back some nice old memories.

We are Great, we are Fine, we are the class of 79.



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I can’t seem to trap them. What are your secrets?

Re: the A18…I have several of the A24 with Bluetooth outside around our home and they work excellent for mice, although unfortunately on rare occasion either the strike doesn’t hit where it should and the mouse will stagger away to die. It does not attract chipmunks at all, they ignore it (though maybe we have lots of other food options so they’re not hungry enough). There is no way the A24 would work for squirrels in my opinion based on the size.

It was a pretty penny, but we’ve killed scores of mice and they’re safe unlike poisoned to toss into the woods for something else to eat, and they die much more kindly than in nature. I am extremely tender-hearted and don’t like to kill anything, not even insects, but the prior owners practically invited mice into the home so we’ve spent a lot of time correcting that.


Squirrels are very twitchy and nervous the first time they see something new. They’ll trigger a new trap and quickly move out of the way. Try baiting the trap without setting it. Once they get used to the trap being there, it’s easier to get them. I had the same issues with empty sets.