Crushed red pepper flakes?

I’m interested in growing and making my own crushed red pepper flakes. I don’t want anything special, at least not for starters. My goal for now is just to imitate common store-bought crushed red pepper flakes as closely as I can. Are there any pepper aficionados that can tell me what to grow? I tried growing something two or three years ago, but it was much too hot to use in the same way I would use store-bought crushed red pepper flakes.

Cayenne is what they mostly use for red pepper flakes, there are different varieties though and you might be used to a pepper blend.

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Aren’t cayenne peppers way hotter than crushed red pepper flakes? I think cayenne peppers are even what I tried growing when I tried imitating crushed red pepper flakes two or three years ago, but whatever I tried wasn’t anything like normal crushed red pepper flakes.

I haven’t used red pepper flakes for a long time… Just have a jar of whole dried cayennes I use, that is easier for me since I don’t like to measure stuff when I cook. Was curious about it so I looked up that website. The new mini sweet peppers (lunchbox) might be good to blend with hot peppers for flakes, I made some hot sauce with them last year by adding one habanero per pint and it was just right for me. They dry out OK, I imagine jalepenos and bigger peppers with thick walls take longer.

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Сayenne peppers are very different from mild to very hot.

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