Cucumber Beetle Control

I have always relied on Sevin to control cucumber beetles. When liquid Sevin changed from Carbaryl I was still able to purchase powder/dust with carbaryl. Now Sevin has dropped carbaryl from the powder/dust as well. Can anyone recommend a once and done spray for cucumber beetles? What I liked best about the carbaryl was its effectiveness, and by the time the plants were blooming it had neutralized and didn’t harm the pollinators. I’m seeing Pyrethrin recommended, would that be neutralized by the time the plants are blooming? I’ve used Malathion in the past and found it pretty much ineffective.

I think Pyrethrin doesn’t live more than 3 days when exposed to sun.

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The new version of sevin worked for me last year. I’m using it again this year, so far so good.

I agree, Malathion definitely did not work for me on cucumber beetles.