Cucumbers 2022

Itachi White has been my best cuke for several years now. Early, productive, and pretty tough. And it tastes great! What does well for you?


I like ‘Sweet Slice’. I grew them from seed, last year and am growing them again. (I’ll get a pic tomorrow.) Also - one called ‘Sweet Success’. Haven’t tasted that one yet. Should be ready in a couple more days.
And I always grow a ‘pot’ of some standard - Straight 8 or one of those Marketmores.
I grow mine up high - in a tall planter. They are easier to deal with, that way.


Poona Kheere has been my favorite for a while. Disease free, productive, makes great pickles or good from fresh eating…and a little odd looking.
Poona Kheere - more mature, but still completely edible

Other favorites, Left to Right
Paraiso F1 from High Mowing - organic seed, some disease resistance, vigorous
Aonaga Jibai from Baker’s Creek - Japanese, sweet, wet, drought and disease resistant
Dar from Baker Creek - definitely not a bush cucumber no matter what they say, best at camouflage, Polish, mild disease resistance, but I really like this one
(below) Dragon’s Egg from Baker’s Creek - Croatian, sweet, mild
Poona Kheera - Indian, completely disease resistant and my favorite, pickles very well, brown when more mature but still edible, sweet, perfect.

(pictures are from last year as I am way behind)
@ampersand What’s your seed source on those? I’ve never heard of them, but it they work for you, they should work for me! Added to the list for next year.


I get Itachi white from Johnny’s.


I prefer a cucumber that doesn’t have a bitter skin. I like to wash and eat fresh or in a salad without peeling. My first planting was bitter so I planted another variety, Green Dragon in hopes of it meeting my preference. I have been away from gardening for awhile now and starting to get back at it and I’m trying to determine which plants meet my needs. Do any of you have experience with Green Dragon.


Second year trialing “China Jade”—and I remain favorably impressed. Productive, crisp and flavorable—even at large sizes. And I’ve yet to taste a bitter one! One of the best cukes I’ve ever eaten, and certainly the most consistent.

Better yet, they show promising disease resistance—no downy mildew problems yet this year; they were infected with DM last year (when pressure was very high), but managed to tolerate infection and still produce a good crop. Cuke beetles are back (after a curious and welcome absence last season), but no wilt has been observed thus far. :crossed_fingers: My only sprays have been Milstop + Monterey Garden Friendly Fungicide (Bacillus amyloliquefaciens D747), and occasionally spinosad to keep the cuke beetles and squash bugs at manageable numbers. I normally do a rotation of neem oil with cucurbits, but have been in no shape to do the neem emulsification dance of late.

I enthusiastically recommend China Jade for trial by all cuke growers. I’m going to be saving seed this year to see if I can get it even better adapted to my area.


I’ve grown dozens of varieties in the past 25+ years. This year I’m growing Tasty Jade (again) and trying out China Jade for the first time.

Not very impressed with China Jade, an heirloom: the skin is too tough, the flavor is too mellow and it has a softer interior consistency.

Tasty Jade, a hybrid, has a better flavor profile, very prolific, crunchier and awesome for bread and butter pickling! Been growing this one for several years. I might just grow this one going forward.


Could be a product of climate differences—but just as likely a case of de gustibus non disputandum. :grin: In my cucurbit-unfriendly region, I’m just happy to get a good supply of non-bitter cucumbers!

I only get really picky when it comes to watermelons! :wink:


I like Diva cucumber, in fact I sowed 2 more recently, small and crunchy.

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Agree that it might be about climate or something else. I also love China Jade. My cukes have had a nice crisp interior with a thin skin. They are my fav cucumbers!

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I like Pepinex from Territorial seeds and Chelsea Prize from Renee’s seeds (both English type). Also Suyo Long. And mini-white for quick/early production.

I sowed my second crop before I left and now I have more cucumbers. So pleased.