Cummins announces 15,000 cider apple trees for sale

Someone cancelled a huge custom order, so Cummins has 15K of the best cider trees for sale.

Cummins never returned my phone call or emails when I tried to order from them a few months ago. I went with Raintree and Stark Bros instead. Good luck to them!

Sorry to hear that. Maybe that big order swamped them. They’ve always answered all my questions, handled orders well.

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I saw that this week, I visit their site from time to time. Like Scott said, lots of Wickson crabs available now, which is interesting as I have one in my cart with other trees with them. I wish they had more peach and cherry trees available, but it seems like a lot of nurseries are running low on stone fruits trees this year.

The reason I’m getting a Wickson is that I want a Zestar from them, which has a very early bloom time, and this crab would help pollinate it. Plus, I’ve heard Wickson is a great crab apple in itself.

Yeah, I got the impression their customer service was a little uneven based on my dealings with them.

I had one issue with in which they solved my concerns politely, professionally, and promptly. Very good communication, and even if I didn’t get the answer I wanted, they were courteous and patient.

However, there was another issue I had in which two emails sent a week apart went completely unanswered and when I finally called them I got a rather brusque, “Well, duh,” type response (it was an issue with their shopping cart/website.)

My guess is that they probably don’t have a dedicated staff to orders/customer service, or if they do, they need to hire a few more people (but maybe they can’t afford it, dunno.)

Cummins has always been fantastic when I’ve spoke with them multiple times. Like anyone they probably get busy at times and don’t do things as well as they normally would. I’m not making excuses for them on why they did not respond right away to a customer but I will say the times I talked with them they were some of the sharpest people I ever spoke with about apples and pears. I always talk with the same gentleman and he obviously has generations of experience in the nursery business. 15000 is a lot of apples and then again it isn’t. One call from a commercial cider apple nursery and those trees are gone. Will they get the call …,who knows?

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I never bought any trees from Cummings because their price for trees at the 100 tree level is about $8 more than ACN. Their price for 1-5 trees may be more competitive.

Can you pick the tree caliper when you order one from ACN? If you look at their inventory as a commercial grower it shows which calipers are available, but was wondering if you can pick the thickness of your trees as a private grower. I know they’re all the same price regardless of caliper. Also, what kind of height do they have on them, and are they feathered?

I do like ACN’s shipping policy, I think if you order at least five trees, then shipping is free. I guess the shipping is part of the price of the tree.

Cummins can be kinda slow to respond, but like some have said, maybe they’re just too busy to answer a lot of emails. I did like the trees I got from them last year.

They have tons of Roxbury, Wickson, Kingston Black, Medaille d’Or, Goldrush, Harrison, Dabinett, Ashmeads among other cider apples now. Even though, I didn’t know GR was considered a cider Apple.

I’m not sure about the ability to choose exact caliper on smaller orders from ACN. In the past, I ordered 5/8 feathered trees and received mostly 5/8 trees but got 1/2 inch feathered on Crimson Crisp which were billed at a slightly lower price.

I don’t remember the exact height, but I believe they were around 5 feet. Trees at ACN normally sell out very early which has been a big problem.

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