Cummins Offers Budded Trees from Entire USDA Collection


Order by July 1, 2018! Custom budding of apple trees from the full USDA catalog.
DEAR APPLE FANATICS, COLLECTORS, AND HOBBYISTS: Is there an apple tree you’ve been looking for but can’t find in nursery catalogs? A rare scion from the Old Country? An oddball from Grandpa’s backyard? We are trying something new this year. You can choose apple varieties from the full catalog of the USDA National Germplasm Repository in Geneva and we will bud them for you on G.210 semidwarf rootstock. You will get 2-year trees shipped to you in Spring 2020.
$50/tree – when you order 1-3 trees (single variety)
$40/tree – when you order 4-10 trees (single variety)
$30/tree – when you order 11-20 trees (single variety)


I noticed that. But two apples I want (Irish Pitcher and Estonian Wine Apple) the USDA does not have.


I grow Estonian Wine Apple, email me at, I start taking requests in November. And start gathering scions and shipping in January through April.


I wonder if Cummins is paying USDA part of the proceeds?


This is cool, but I don’t even know where to start…


Agree this is cool to bad I’m all full now. If it had been available three years ago…


I am fully aware your list has “Estonian Wine Apple” on it, Derek.

The problem was when I ordered it in December 2017…you could not supply it!

So, I still desire Estonian Wine Apple and Irish Pitcher.


$50 per tree, I’m undercharging by a wide margin.


Yeah a lot of requests for that one and like i tell people I grow trees for fruit production not to sell scions so I only take a limited amount of cuttings every year especially when the trees are still younger.