Cupid cherry

Now that Cupid cherries are available in the U.S., are they different enough from the other bush cherries to warrant me planting one? I have an ample supply of Carmen Jewels, plus Romeos, Juliet’s, Wowza, and I did have some Passion Jewels, but I think those died. I don’t find much difference between the CJs and Romeos. The Juliet’s are a tad sweeter, so I can nibble a few from the bush, but still not a fresh eating cherry for me. The Wowzas haven’t produced yet. I have been supplying friends with cherries, I have so many. Would I gain anything with a Cupid? Space is not an issue, but fencing and netting is.



My opinion is the only way more cherries are desirable is if they fit a need. As an example i grow harrow delight because it is an early summer ripening pear when i have no other ripe pears. Planted harrow delight heavy for this reason. The same reason i planted harrow sweet for fall i need a pear in that season. Late summer pears i have way to many of. Carmine jewell ripens early but then juliet ripens slightly later so the fresh crop lasts longer. This is useful to me to have cherries during my farms slow times but not during my busy times. Cupid ripens in mid August they say Cherry Bush - Cupid - Beautiful Field Farm and Fruit Trees. which might be very useful if it matches a slow time at your farm. Consider your planting for wildlife, friends, family etc. . Fruit usage increases over the years. As an example i use mulberry which support my heavy bird population but i can also have cherries and juneberries. Im using the mulberry as target fruit to keep the birds busy. Very seldom pick those mulberry for my consumption. In late fall autumn olive are the last fruit to ripen as the cold comes in which is also very useful to have. Mulberry ripen in may or june followed by or overlapping Juneberry which overlaps carmine jewell. That covers part of may and june but leaves open early may which gives me an oppurtunity to grow an early fruit only like honeyberry. My july season is normally half full of pears. My august is a very busy time. So you might wonder why not just freeze all your carmine jewell in june but what if your older and not up to that? You go pick your cherries and eat them only. By staggering crops you always have fresh crops which is useful. These Canadian cherries are amazing heavy bearing, good tasting , healthy addition to a farm if they work in the particular season you need them in.


Cupid has been for sale from The Tree Farm down in Longmont for a few years now. In other words it is nothing new here in CO but it is cheaper now if you are willing to get a small one. I have been calling them in the fall every year debating whether to get one. It is worth noting that the cupid always seems to sell out more quickly than the Juliet. That could have been because there was a lack of supply elsewhere though. That being said I have not tried any of them. I have a Carmen Jewel growing now but it is still young. Even in the first year of my Carmen Jewel it was wanting to send up suckers and expand so I doubt there will be any issues with any of these bushes on production with this amount of expansion it is doing.


You’ll probably need to wait a few years for more people to pick up the Cupid variety and reach fruit bearing age.

Cupid seems to be my fastest grower compared to all the other U of S varieties- but that could just be superior growing conditions where it is planted.

got my cupid yesterday… might be a few years before harvest!

My Cupid came like that too. On the bright side it was cheap and leafing out.

I have Cupid but it hasn’t fruited for me yet. Will leave feedback on this forum when it does.