Currant tomatoes?

Anyone growing any? The idea fascinates me but i havent yet…how are they? Worth it or are they pretty much obsolete because modern cherries are better?

I’ve grown red and yellow currant tomatoes since ‘Renee’s’ seeds first came out with them. They used to be filled with seeds and not worth growing, but they have improved. I have new plants coming to the house this spring. They are cute though, and children love them. They look just like currants!

No experience yet, but I purchased Ted’sPink Currant seeds from Victory Seeds:

Reviews there and on Tomatoville are great and I had wanted to grow one to have something smaller to mix in with the other cherry types. Be aware these are closer to wild type tomatoes and the plants are reported to become big sprawling beasts.

I’m intrigued to try picking a ton of little unripe green ones as well to try them pickled.

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The pickling sounds cool

revisiting this: I’ve heard candyland red is good, and bad. I’ve also heard older varieties, or non-varieties, are seedy and not that great.

Can folks post their favorite varieties?

Gonna get some next year I think, can’t start planning too soon :slight_smile:

Matt’s Wild Cherry, Sara’s Galapagoes, Wild Galapagoes (Solanum cheesmaniae)

Are they worth it? It depends on your weather and your flavor preference, but the currants tomatoes really thrive in areas with high heat. They have a tendency to turn into sprawling beasts like zendog stated, but I also find they have more reliable flavor when you have a season with excess rain. Oddly, one of the things helping their drought tolerance - small fruit - also means that the fruit has less of a chance to develop that watered down flavor.

They’re a lot of fun. If you’re selling to a restaurant they go nuts for them. Kids love them. I just hate managing the bush. Picking them takes a long time.


interesting…I may have to look for those.

Absolutely no way I am selling to a restaurant, but I’d like a couple plants as novelties, here and at my daughter’s college place since she eats cherry tomatoes by the quart anyway.

I may try starting seed this yr even yet, and growing in fabric pots on the south side of the house to see if I can push them into fruit at least for late Aug-frost…

I grow red Sweet Pea. I bought two plants this year from Territorial they go into the ground this week! They are great!

interesting…and a bit frustrating–I heard a few folks say sweet pea wasn’t good, and yet it is a pretty common strain/cultivar. And I absolutely trust your palate.

You never know, I guess…

btw, I was in Providence about a month back…not sure if you’re even in RI yet but I thought about sending a note…unfortunately it was for the yearly Sales meeting (even though I am not Sales, I’m apparently the Sales’ team nerd-pony to trot out at various labs) and the only thing even close to down-time was taking a private tour of the Breakers, but I absolutely thought of you, and also Tippy and some of the other folks who were at least in the general area…

Oh Darn, wish you would have let me know I live four blocks from the Breakers and a block off of Bellevue. So pretty here, as you saw!!! Yes, I’m in Newport.

I was stuck in a group, unfortunately, but yes, it was very pretty…