Currants: what are the best tasting


Ribes nigrum is from europe and is what is thought of when saying blackcurrant. the rest i mentioned are from north america but taste completely different. the golden currant actually has some that have gold or orange/ red berries. I’m not sure if they can crossbreed between the American and Europen types. i know the Ameirican species can.


So the picture from “bifig” above is a Golden and mine are Crandalls. Not the same, but closely related. From the available pictures they do indeed look the same, but thanks for the clarity. I assume that the Goldens do not have the “clove” scented flowers, is that correct?


yes they look very similar. they both have small leaves with rounded tips. not sure if they smell the same. mine haven’t flowered yet.


Coming late to this thread… I have concluded after trialing dozens of red and black currants that Minaj is in a league by itself as far as being able to take the heat. They are also my favorite tasting black currant, at least of the ones I tried. Red Lake has also endured for me, my bushes must be at least 15 years old now; they are in the shade though whereas Minaj can take the sun. About 20 varieties died over the years. For gooseberries only Poorman survived, lots of dead ones there as well.