Cute bunnies

They are not… While visiting a local nursery I saw about 8 pretty darn big mountain ash trees all like these:

That’s pretty high up the tree. I don’t even know how they got that far.

That has to be from a snowshoe hare?

Or maybe one of these" imrs.php.pdf (306.5 KB)

Most likely.

I looked up rabbits in AK. Apparently you guys only have two kinds of hares, no cottontails. The more you know… :slight_smile:

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I’m thinking a buck rubbed his velvet off on those trees. No gnaw marks which are horizontal. All vertical scapes.

Nah. This was on the nursery yard. If anything it would have been a moose and they would have stripped the whole tree and done more obvious damage all around.

It was hares, they were kind enough to fertilize as they went along. We have big hares.


we only have snowshoes here also. never seen them eat mtn ash though. there must have been alot of them there.