Cutting out PC hits...emergency plum surgery

About a month ago i had a dozen or so new PC hits on my Lavina …little late on spraying. So i broke out a hobby knife thing (razor sharp) and cut them out as good as i could. Kind of been watching to see how they would do. They don’t look half bad. No rot or anything (although its been dry lately). I’ll report back when they/if they ripen properly. I think others have done this?

A month or so later (today)


Yes, I have done that. I always cut straight across the fruit but I think your cutting-out method is better, it looks like it heals better than mine - I end up with a pretty big part of the fruit bad. I did get to taste some fruits I would have otherwise not been able to that way so for that it is a good thing.


I haven’t cut any out but I have seen plums were other things than PC take chunks out and they heal somewhat like yours. When you only have a few they are pretty good.

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I’ve done that with apples for CM stings

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Without some curative insecticide, cutting out hits is about the only option if you get them early enough. I may have went too deep, but they do heal enough to at least get a chance to try a fruit. Lavina is a little odd because they were ahead of everything else in my yard.

I usually let PC hit apples go. It seems like the apple will crush the egg most times…not sure i’ve ever found a pc larvae in a pear…maybe one that has fallen off the tree.

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Nice. It never would have occurred to me to do that. Looks good.