Cutting the Trunk of My Royal Crimson Cherry

I have a beautiful Royal Crimson Cherry tree I bought because it’s one of the few cherry trees that will do well in my area (San Antonio, TX 8B). I’m insanely excited but its currently too tall. I want to do a trunk chop down to 18"-24" above soil line but I’m nervous. Is it the right time of year to cut it back and if so, it should produce new branches below the cut this spring right?

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Perhaps @fruitnut can help.

Why do you consider that too tall?

It appears to be a very healthy tree with no apparent reason why you should need to remove the four main branches. The only thing I would do now would be to use spreaders to begin to train the three side branches further apart so that as laterals begin to grow they will have more sun exposure. Also should you decide to lop it back, at least wait until you sE vigorous growth so that would healing occurs quickly to reduce exposure to infection.
Kent, wa

That is small compared to a regular cherry tree unless it is true dwarf rootstock like Gisela 3. A cherry tree on standard will get something like 35 feet and a semi dwarf may get 16 feet. That tree honestly looks like any basic tree I expect to be sent at this point after buying from a few nursery. Also I think that pot looks super small for a cherry tree.