Cuttings on pineapple guava

So I did research on how to get cuttings.some of the nazemets have suckers at the bottom.i replanted a good amount of pineapple guava trees on the property.the article says November is a good time to take the cuttings.could I cut the suckers any time and put in pot of soil? Sorta don’t want to wait until november.i want to cut them now so all energy focus on rest of trees.wha5 do you guys think?

Taking the Cutting
The easiest to root pineapple guava tree cutting is one taken from the bottom of the tree, according to horticulturist Michael Dirr. These cuttings rooted 87 percent of the time, while those from the middle and the top rooted 63 percent and 9 percent, respectively. Cuttings should be one-fifth inch in diameter, contain at least three nodes, or areas on the cutting where the leaves join it, and have two leaves at the tip. The ideal time to take the cutting is in November.

I did a bunch of pineapple guava cuttings (seedling) this weekend before looking up information on the best methods. I did read this article as well and tried to take most of my cuttings from the bottom.

I put the cuttings in a sphagnum peat moss (85%) and perlite mixture in large plastic cups. I plan of misting the leaves but was wondering if I should keep the soil wet or just mist the leaves and top soil lightly? I completely watered the soil and let it drain off before putting them in the container. I’m worried the wet soil might rot the stem. The cuttings are new growth from this year but do appear to be hard.

My house temperature is between 68-72 degrees, should I use heat mats to warm the soil up and create more humility in the containers?