Cyclamen mites on strawberry

Does anybody have an experience in controlling cyclamen mites on strawberry? I am not sure what they like so much in my new place, but they become a real problem, all 4 of my beds got infected, every single plant. Any way to save the plants or I should just discard them and start over on different location?

The only spray we could get rid of them with was Omite on top and bottom of leaves. They infested a number of plants including African violets in the greenhouse, Kelthane didn’t even work. Not sure if it’s still available, that was 45 years ago.

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Actually, it is still available! Thanks!

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Unfortunately, Omite is restricted use pesticide and needs license Does anybody have another suggestion?

I am still breaking my head on what to do with cyclamen mites on my strawberries(or with the strawberries themselves… ). I can’t find any miticide that is available without license and listed for cyclamen mites. The other option is biological. There are several predators for sale:

The problem with them, they are very expensive because require overnight shipping and actual cost of material as well. The smallest package could be bought for $85-$190 depending on what type you choose. And you need three application of it and need to order again every time as you can’t store live mites. And after few weeks after mites are introduced the population most likely die and you need to start over again. I am not sure if my strawberry will give me heartburn at that price :smiley:. There is also option to rip off all the strawberry, solarize soil to reach 110F(that should kill mites and eggs), buy new plants and start over next year. What stops me is the question - how fast the mites find my new clean strawberry patch… While I had some affected plants at my previous house, I never had whole beds affected, so something in my new place very favorable for the mites.